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Ingest data from MySQL CDC

Change Data Capture (CDC) refers to the process of identifying and capturing data changes in a database, then delivering the changes to a downstream service in real time.

RisingWave supports ingesting row-level data (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations) from the changes of a MySQL database.


The supported MySQL versions are 5.7 and 8.0.x.

You can ingest CDC data from MySQL in two ways:

  • Using the built-in MySQL CDC connector

    With this connector, RisingWave can connect to MySQL databases directly to obtain data from the binlog without starting additional services.

    Beta feature

    The built-in MySQL CDC connector in RisingWave is currently in Beta. Please use with caution as stability issues may still occur. Its functionality may evolve based on feedback. Please report any issues encountered to our team.

  • Using a CDC tool and a message broker

    You can use a CDC tool then use the Kafka, Pulsar, or Kinesis connector to send the CDC data to RisingWave. For more details, see the Create source via event streaming systems topic.

Set up MySQL

Before using the native MySQL CDC connector in RisingWave, you need to complete several configurations on MySQL.

To use the MySQL CDC features, we need to create a MySQL user account with appropriate privileges on all databases for which RisingWave will read from.

Create a user and grant privileges

  1. Create a MySQL user with the following query.
CREATE USER 'user'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
  1. Grant the appropriate privileges to the user.
  1. Finalize the privileges.

Enable the binlog

The binlog must be enabled for MySQL replication. The binary logs record transaction updates for replication tools to propagate changes.

  1. Check if the log-bin is already on.
| Variable_name | Value |
| log_bin | OFF |
  1. If it is OFF, configure your MySQL server configuration file, my.cnf, with the following properties described below. Restart your MySQL server to let the configurations take effect.
server-id         = 223344
log_bin = mysql-bin
binlog_format = ROW
binlog_row_image = FULL
expire_logs_days = 10
  1. Confirm your changes by checking the log-bin again.
| Variable_name | Value |
| log_bin | ON |

See Setting up MySQL for more details.

Enable the connector node in RisingWave

The native MySQL CDC connector is implemented by the connector node in RisingWave. The connector node handles the connections with upstream and downstream systems.

The connector node is enabled by default in this docker-compose configuration. To learn about how to start RisingWave with this configuration, see Docker Compose.

If you are running RisingWave locally with the pre-built library or with the source code, the connector node needs to be started separately. To learn about how to start the connector node in this case, see Enable the connector node.

Create a table using the native CDC connector in RisingWave

To ensure all data changes are captured, you must create a table and specify primary keys. See the CREATE TABLE command for more details. The data format must be Debezium JSON.


CREATE TABLE [ IF NOT EXISTS ] source_name (
column_name data_type PRIMARY KEY , ...
PRIMARY KEY ( column_name, ... )
<field>=<value>, ...

Note that a primary key is required.

WITH parameters

All the fields listed below are required.

hostnameHostname of the database.
portPort number of the database.
usernameUsername of the database.
passwordPassword of the database.
database.nameName of the database. Note that RisingWave cannot read data from a built-in MySQL database, such as mysql, sys, etc.
table.nameName of the table that you want to ingest data from.
server.idA numeric ID of the database client. It must be unique across all database processes that are running in the MySQL cluster.

Data format

Data is in Debezium JSON or Debezium AVRO format. Debezium is a log-based CDC tool that can capture row changes from various database management systems such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server and generate events with consistent structures in real time. The MySQL CDC connector in RisingWave supports JSON or AVRO as the serialization format for Debezium data. The data format does not need to be specified when creating a table with mysql-cdc as the source.


order_id int,
order_date bigint,
customer_name string,
price decimal,
product_id int,
order_status smallint,
PRIMARY KEY (order_id)
) WITH (
connector = 'mysql-cdc',
hostname = '',
port = '3306',
username = 'root',
password = '123456', = 'mydb', = 'orders', = '5454'

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