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What's RisingWave Cloud?

RisingWave Cloud simplifies and streamlines data processing for modern data workflows. It is a fully-managed and scalable stream processing platform powered by the open-source project RisingWave. Our mission is to make data processing accessible to everyone. With RisingWave Cloud, we can help you deliver timely, reliable, and cost-efficient event data processing in real time.

The intuitive console of RisingWave Cloud allows you to manage data sources easily, analyze streaming data, and visualize and deliver results. Its informative dashboard lets you easily deploy, monitor, and scale your streaming services. The serverless architecture eliminates the need for manual server management, freeing up your resources so that you can focus on the data.

Whether you are an experienced data professional or just starting, RisingWave Cloud is the ideal solution for modern data processing. Start now and bring the power of streaming analytics to your applications and services at a minimal cost.

RisingWave Cloud Overview