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Overview of data delivery

RisingWave supports delivering data to message brokers and databases.

Before you stream data out of RisingWave, you must create a sink first. A sink is an external target that you can send data to. Use the CREATE SINK statement to create a sink. You need to specify what data to be exported, the format, and the sink parameters.

RisingWave provides a JDBC sink connector, with which you can sink data from RisingWave to JDBC-available databases, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. When sinking to a database with a JDBC driver, ensure that the corresponding table created in RisingWave has the same schema as the table in the database you are sinking to. You can sink to a JDBC-available database by using a CREATE SINK statement and specifying the connector as jdbc, the jdbc_url, and the sink table name.

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