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Run RisingWave for testing purposes

All of the options on this page are for testing purposes. For production deployments, please consider RisingWave Cloud, Kubernetes with Helm, or Kubernetes with Operator.

RisingWave offers several installation options. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

Quick tests

RisingWave will be started as a single-node instance. Data is stored solely in memory and will not be persisted after the service is terminated.

These options are available:

Playground in a Web browser
Docker image

Advanced tests

For advanced tests, we recommend using Docker Compose to start RisingWave as a multi-node cluster. With this option, data is persisted in storage. However, please be aware that certain critical features such as failover and resource management are not implemented in this mode. Therefore, this option is not recommended for production deployments.

Docker Compose

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