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PrivateLink connection


In RisingWave Cloud, if you want to connect RisingWave clusters with your services inside your private Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, you can use the PrivateLink service to establish a private and secure connection between RisingWave Cloud and your private VPC in the same region.

RisingWave Cloud utilizes the the private connection capability of the underlying Cloud vendors to establish the PrivateLink connection. In particular, the PrivateLink service is built on top of the following services:


Azure Private Link integration is currently in development and will be available soon.

The diagram below depicts a high-level overview of how PrivateLink service works. Both all three platforms share the same pattern of network structure so that you can configure them in the same way automatically.

VPC connection diagram

On the RisingWave Cloud side, RisingWave Cloud will create an endpoint (specifically an AWS VPC endpoint, GCP Private Service Connect endpoint, or Azure private endpoint) and bind it with one running RisingWave cluster.

On the Customer side, you need to set up a PrivateLink service (specifically an AWS endpoint service, GCP published service, or Azure Private Link service) in your VPC network first.

Create a connection

Create a PrivateLink connection between RisingWave Cloud and your VPC.

Drop a connection

If you no longer need to connect to a VPC, you can drop the connection.