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It is the most intuitive and easy way to interact with RisingWave via workspace. It offers graphical tools for managing data and visualizing results.

Go to query console


Click on a section below to see the details.

Console sections


The schema section displays all the tables, sources, materialized views, and sinks defined in the cluster.

To check their columns, click on each item, or click Expand all to see all.

Schemas sections

Query editor

The query editor serves as a terminal window where you can write and execute SQL queries.

Schemas sections


Jobs allow you to organize your SQL statements into groups, making managing and executing multiple queries easier.

Click to add a job.

Query jobs

Sample queries

The sample queries cover the most common steps in RisingWave, such as establishing a connection with a data source, processing data by defining materialized views and querying the results.

See Explore RisingWave with examples for details.

Switch clusters or users

Click Switch to change to another cluster or another user in your current cluster when using the console.

Switch clusters or users

Query results

Here you can view the results of your last query.

Query results

Visualize results

Selete the Chart tab to visualize the results.

Visualize query results

Refresh results

Click to rerun the last executed query manually or set a timer to refresh the results automatically.

Refresh query results

Download results

Click to download a CSV copy of the results.

Query log

Selete the Log tab to check the query log.

The query log tracks and records all queries executed during the current session, providing information such as the execution time, network time, and error messages. The log can help monitor activity, troubleshoot issues, and optimize queries.

Query log

Start developing

Develop with RisingWave Cloud

RisingWave Cloud leverages the superpower of RisingWave, an open-source distributed SQL database specifically designed for stream processing. Start building your real-time applications with RisingWave using the console.