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What is a cluster?

A cluster in RisingWave Cloud provides the necessary resources for hosting independent data repositories and streaming pipelines. Within a cluster, you can create and manage database users and databases.

What is a database user?

In RisingWave, a database user is similar to a database user or role in Postgres, allowing a person or application to access a specific database or set of databases within a cluster. Database users can be assigned specific permissions to control their database privileges.

Can I change the cluster plan?

You cannot change the plan of a cluster after creating it. You can create a new cluster with the desired plan.

What to do if my free cluster expires?

Your data will be kept for an additional seven days. If you want to get a backup of your data, please contact us at

Can I share my cluster with others?

Yes. You can invite others to join your organization and share your clusters and other resources with them. See Organization for more information.