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Get started

This guide will help you get started with RisingWave.

Run RisingWave — Install, start, and connect to RisingWave.
Ingest data — Connect a streaming data source to RisingWave.
Process data
  • RisingWave SQL 101 — A simple yet typical data processing quickstart guide for RisingWave first-timers.
  • Tutorials — A series of guided tours in solving real-world stream processing tasks with simulated data.
  • SQL references — Navigate to SQL references on the sidebar if you are familiar with PostgreSQL and materialized views.
Deliver data — Send processed data to other destinations.

Run RisingWave

RisingWave offers two modes for different testing purposes:

Comparison \ ModePlayground modeFull-featured mode
PurposeQuick testsAdvanced tests and demos
Starts inA single-node instanceA full-featured, multi-node cluster
Data persistenceData is stored solely in memory and will not be persisted after the service is terminated.Data is persisted in storage.
Choose a method to run RisingWaveRun a single-node instance in
Local environment
Set up a local cluster with
Docker Compose

Currently, RisingWave does not support Windows. Use a macOS or Linux machine to run RisingWave.

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