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Release notes

This page summarizes changes in each version of RisingWave, including new features and important bug fixes.


This version was released on July 12, 2023.

Main changes

SQL features

  • SQL command:

    • Supports the SHOW CLUSTERS command. #10656

    • Supports the GROUPING SETS clause. #10807

  • SQL function:

    • Adds the current_setting() function to get the current value of a configuration parameter. #10051

    • Adds new array functions: array_position(), array_replace(), array_ndims(), array_lower(), array_upper(), array_length(), and array_dims(). #10166, #10197

    • Adds new aggregate functions: percentile_cont(), percentile_disc(), and mode(). #10252

    • Adds new system functions: user(), current_user(), and current_role(). #10366

    • Adds new string functions: left() and right(). #10765

    • Adds new bytea functions: octet_length() and bit_length(). #10462

    • array_length() and cardinality() return integer instead of bigint. #10267

    • Supports the row_number window function that doesn't match the TopN pattern. #10869

  • User-defined function:

    • Adds support for defining UDFs in Java. #10095

    • Adds support for more Java UDF and Python UDF data types. #10399

    • The language parameter is no longer required in CREATE FUNCTION. #10608

  • System catalog:

    • Adds more columns to information_schema.columns: column_default, character_maximum_length, and udt_name. #10269

    • Adds a new system catalog pg_proc. #10216

    • Adds new RisingWave catalogs:

      • rw_table_fragments, rw_fragments, rw_actors #10712
      • rw_worker_nodes, rw_parallel_units #10656
      • rw_connections, rw_databases, rw_functions, rw_indexes, rw_materialized_views, rw_schemas, rw_sinks, rw_sources, rw_tables, rw_users, rw_views #10593
  • Supports GROUP BY output alias or index. #10305

  • Supports using scalar functions in the FROM clause. #10317

  • Supports tagging the created VPC endpoints when creating a PrivateLink connection. #10582


  • Breaking change: When creating a source or table with a connector whose schema is auto-resolved from an external format file, the syntax for defining primary keys within column definitions is replaced with the table constraint syntax. #10195

    CREATE TABLE debezium_non_compact (order_id int PRIMARY KEY) WITH (
    connector = 'kafka',
    kafka.topic = 'debezium_non_compact_avro_json',
    kafka.brokers = 'message_queue:29092',
    kafka.scan.startup.mode = 'earliest'
    CREATE TABLE debezium_non_compact (PRIMARY KEY(order_id)) WITH ( ...
  • Breaking change: Modifies the syntax for specifying data and encoding formats for a source in CREATE SOURCE and CREATE TABLE commands. For v1.0.0, the old syntax is still accepted but will be deprecated in the next release. #10768

    Old syntax - part 1:

    ROW FORMAT data_format 
    [ MESSAGE 'message' ]
    [ ROW SCHEMA LOCATION ['location' | CONFLUENT SCHEMA REGISTRY 'schema_registry_url' ] ];

    New syntax - part 1:

    FORMAT data_format ENCODE data_encode (
    message = 'message',
    schema_location = 'location' | confluent_schema_registry = 'schema_registry_url'

    Old syntax - part 2:


    New syntax - part 2:

    without_header = 'true',
    delimiter = ','
  • Supports sinking data to Delta Lake. #10374, #10580

  • Supports sinking data to AWS Kinesis. #10437

  • Supports BYTES as a row format. #10592

  • Supports specifying schema for the PostgreSQL sink. #10576

  • Supports using the user-provided publication to create a PostgreSQL CDC table. #10804



This version was released on June 1, 2023.

Main changes


  • Now, you can easily install RisingWave on your local machine with Homebrew by running  brew install risingwave. See Run RisingWave.


  • Adds the pg_indexes and dattablespace system catalogs. #9844, #9822
  • Now, the SHOW PARAMETERS command will display the mutability of each system parameter. #9526

SQL features

  • Beta features: Adds support for 256-bit integer. #9146, #9184, #9186, #9191, #9217
  • Indexes can be created on expressions. #9142
  • Adds support for expressions in aggregate function arguments. #9955
  • Adds support for VALUES clause. #8751
  • Adds support for generated columns, which are special columns computed from other columns in a table or source. #8700, #9580
  • Adds support for using expressions in the ORDER BY and PARTITION BY clauses. #9827
  • New SQL commands
    • CREATE CONNECTION and SHOW CONNECTIONS: Creates an AWS PrivateLink connection and show all available connections. #8907
    • DROP CONNECTION: Drops a connection. #9128
    • SHOW FUNCTIONS: Shows existing user-defined functions. #9398
    • DROP FUNCTIONS: Drops a user-defined function. #9561
    • SHOW CREATE SOURCE and SHOW CREATE SINK: Shows the SQL statement used to create a source or sink. #9083
    • SHOW INDEXES: Shows all indexes on a particular table. #9835
  • SQL functions
    • Adds support for trigonometric functions. #8838, #8918, #9064, #9203, #9259
    • Adds support for degrees and radians functions. #9108
    • Adds support for the lag() and lead() window functions and the OVER() and  EMIT ON WINDOW CLOSE clause. #9597, #9622, #9701
    • Adds support for new aggregate functions, including bool_and, bool_or, jsonb_agg, and jsonb_object_agg. #9452
    • Adds support for max(), min(), and count() for timestamptz data. #9165
    • Adds support for microseconds and milliseconds for to_char() and to_timestamp(). #9257
    • Adds support for multibyte Unicode in overlay() and ascii() functions. #9321
    • Adds support for the string_to_array() function. #9289
    • Adds support for array_positions(). #9152
    • Adds support for cardinality(). #8867
    • Adds support for array_remove(). #9116
    • Adds support for trim_array(). #9265
    • Adds support for array range access. #9362
    • Adds support for JSONB in UDF. #9103
    • Adds support for btrim() and updates trim() to PostgreSQL standard syntax. #8985
    • Adds support for date_part(). #8830
    • Expands extract() with more fields. #8830
    • Adds support for proctime(), which returns the system time with time zone when a record is processed. #9088
    • Adds support for translate(), @(), and ceiling(). #8998
    • Adds support for encode() and decode(). #9351
    • Adds support for the intersect operator. #9573
    • Adds support for the default escape \ in a like expression. #9624
    • Adds support for the IS [NOT] UNKNOWN comparison predicate. #9965
    • Adds support for the starts_with() string function and ^@. #9967
    • Adds support for unary trunc, ln, log10 (log), exp, cbrt (||/) mathematical functions. #9991


  • Adds support for ingesting CDC data from TiDB and sinking data to TiDB with the JDBC connector. #8708
  • Adds support for ingesting CDC data from Citus. #8988
  • Adds support for loading Pulsar secret key file from AWS S3. #8428, #8222
  • Adds support for using an established AWS PrivateLink connection in a CREATE SOURCE, CREATE TABLE, or CREATE SINK statement for a Kafka source/sink. #9119, #9128, #9728, #9263
  • Deprecates the use_transaction field in the Kafka sink connector. #9207
  • Adds support for zstd compression type for Kafka connector. #9297
  • Deprecates the upsert property in the Kafka connector as it can be inferred from the row format. #9457
  • Adds a new field in the WITH clause of the Kafka source connector to control the timeout. #9005
  • Adds support for a new row format DEBEZIUM_MONGO_JSON in the Kafka source connector. #9250
  • Adds CSV format support for the Kafka source connector. #9875

Cluster configuration changes

  • --data_directoryand --state_storemust be specified on CLI of the meta node, or the cluster will fail to start. #9170
  • Clusters will refuse to start if the specified object store URL identified by state_store and data_directory is occupied by another instance. Do not share the object store URL between multiple clusters. #9642



This version was released on March 31, 2023.

Starting from this version, we’ll respect semantic versioning conventions by using the middle number (y , instead of z, in x.y.z) to indicate minor versions. That is why this is v0.18.0, not v0.1.18.

Main changes

Administration and troubleshooting

  • Improves error messages by including the location of the statement in question. #8646
  • Initial values of immutable system parameters can be specified via the meta-node command line. The initial values provided in the configuration file will be ignored. #8366

SQL features

  • Adds initial support for user-defined functions. #8597 #8644 #8255 #7943
  • Adds support for JSONB data type. #8256 #8181
  • Adds support for NULLS { FIRST | LAST } in ORDER BY clauses. #8485
  • New commands:
    • SET TIME ZONE #8572
    • ALTER TABLE ADD/DROP COLUMN for regular tables (without connector settings). #8394
  • New functions:
    • array_length : Returns the length of an array. #8636
    • String functions implemented with the help of ChatGPT. #8767 #8839
      • chr(integer) -> varchar
      • starts_with(varchar, varchar) -> boolean
      • initcap(varchar) -> varchar
      • lpad(varchar, integer) -> varchar
      • lpad(varchar, integer, varchar) -> varchar
      • rpad(varchar, integer) -> varchar
      • rpad(varchar, integer, varchar) -> varchar
      • reverse(varchar) -> varchar
      • strpos(varchar, varchar) -> integer
      • to_ascii(varchar) -> varchar
      • to_hex(integer) -> varchar
      • to_hex(bigint) -> varchar)
    • Improves the data type values of columns returned by DESCRIBE . #8819
    • UPDATE commands cannot update primary key columns. #8569
    • Adds support for microsecond precision for intervals. #8501
    • Adds an optional parameter offset to tumble() and hop() functions. #8490
    • Data records that has null time values will be ignored by time window functions. #8146
    • Improves the behaviors of the exp operator when the operand is too large or small. #8309
    • Supports process time temporal join, which enables the joining of an append-only stream (such as Kafka) with a temporal table (e.g. a materialized view backed by MySQL CDC). This feature ensures that any updates made to the temporal table will not affect previous results obtained from the temporal join. Supports FOR SYSTEM_TIME AS OF NOW() syntax to express process time temporal join. #8480


  • Adds a new field basetime to the load generator connector for generating timestamp data. The load generator will take this field as now and generates data accordingly. #8619
  • Empty cells in CSV are now parsed as null. #8709
  • Adds the Iceberg connector. #8508
  • Adds support for the upsert type to the Kafka sink connector. #8168
  • Removes the message name parameter for Avro data. #8124
  • Adds support for AWS PrivateLink for Kafka source connector. #8247

Full Changelog:



This version was released on February 28, 2023

Main changes


  • Adds a system catalog view rw_catalog.rw_ddl_progress, with which users can view the progress of a CREATE INDEX, CREATE SINK, or CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement. #7914
  • Adds the pg_conversion and pg_enum system catalogs. #7964, #7706

SQL features

  • Adds the exp() function. #7971
  • Adds the pow() function. #7789
  • Adds support for displaying primary keys in EXPLAIN statements. #7590
  • Adds support for descending order in CREATE INDEX statements. #7822
  • Adds SHOW PARAMETERS and ALTER SYSTEM commands to display and update system parameters. #7882, #7913


  • Adds a new parameter match_pattern to the S3 connector. With the new parameter, users can specify the pattern to filter files that they want to ingest from S3 buckets. For documentation updates, see Ingest data from S3 buckets. #7565
  • Adds the PostgreSQL CDC connector. Users can use this connector to ingest data and CDC events from PostgreSQL directly. For documentation updates, see Ingest data from PostgreSQL CDC. #6869, #7133
  • Adds the MySQL CDC connector. Users can use this connector to ingest data and CDC events from MySQL directly. For documentation updates, see Ingest data from MySQL CDC. #6689, #6345, #6481, #7133
  • Adds the JDBC sink connector, with which users can sink data to MySQL, PostgreSQL, or other databases that are compliant with JDBC. #6493
  • Add new parameters to the Kafka sink connector.
    • force_append_only : Specifies whether to force a sink to be append-only. #7922
    • use_transaction : Specifies whether to enable Kafka transactions or not. #7500
    • SSL/SASL parameters: Specifies SSL encryption and SASL authentication settings. #7540



This version was released on February 1, 2023.

Main changes


  • Adds support for aborting a query in local mode with Ctrl + C. #7444

SQL features

  • Adds support for the to_timestamp function. #7060
  • Adds support for the RETURNING clause in DML statements. #7094
  • Breaking change: Deprecates CREATE MATERIALIZED SOURCE . To create a materialized source, create a table and include the newly added connector settings. #7281, #7110
  • Adds support for the c and i flags in regex_match() and regex_matches() functions. #7135
  • Adds support for SHOW CREATE TABLE . You can use this statement to show the definition of a table. #7152
  • Adds support for the pg_stat_activity system catalog and several system functions. #7274
  • Adds the _rw_kafka_timestamp parameter to show the timestamps of Kafka messages. Users can now specify the scope of Kafka messages by timestamps. #7275, #7150
  • Adds support for displaying PostgreSQL and RisingWave versions in version(). #7314
  • Adds support for displaying internal tables using the SHOW INTERNAL TABLES statement. #7348
  • Adds support for SET VISIBILITY_MODE You can use this session variable to configure whether only checkpoint data is readable for batch query. #5850
  • Adds support for SET STREAMING_PARALLELISM . You can use this session variable to configure parallelism for streaming queries. #7370


  • Adds support for generating array and struct data using the datagen connector. #7099
  • Adds the S3 source connector, with which users can ingest data in CSV format from S3 locations. For data ingestion from files, CSV is the only supported format and the files must be placed on S3. #6846



This version was released on January 4, 2023.

Main changes

Installation and deployment

  • Parallelism and available memory of compute nodes are now command-line arguments and removed from the configuration file. #6767
  • The default barrier interval is set to 1 second. #6553
  • Adds support for meta store backup and recovery. #6737

SQL features

  • Adds support for SHOW CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW and SHOW CREATE VIEW to show how materialized and non-materialized views are defined. #6921
  • Adds support for CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS. #6643
  • A sink can be created from a SELECT query. #6648
  • Adds support for struct casting and comparison. #6552
  • Adds pg_catalog views and system functions. #6982
  • Adds support for CREATE TABLE AS. #6798
  • Ads the initial support for batch query on Kafka source. #6474
  • Adds support for SET QUERY_EPOCH to query historical data based on meta backup. #6840


  • Improves the handling of schema errors for Avro and Protobuf data. #6821
  • Adds two options to the datagen connector to make it possible to generate increasing timestamp values. #6591


  • Adds metrics for the backup manager in Grafana. #6898
  • RisingWave Dashboard can now fetch data from Prometheus and visualize it in charts. #6602



This version was released on December 1, 2022.

Main changes

SQL features

  • PRIMARY KEY constraint checks can be performed on materialized sources and tables but not on non-materialized sources. For tables or materialized sources that enabled PRIMARY KEY constraints, if you insert data to an existing key, the new data will overwrite the old data. #6320 #6435
  • Adds support for timestamp with time zone data type. You can use this data type in time window functions, and convert between it and timestamp (without time zone). #5855 #5910 #5968
  • Adds support for UNION and UNION ALL operators. #6363 #6397
  • Implements the rank() function to support a different mode of Top-N queries. #6383
  • Adds support for logical views (CREATE VIEW). #6023
  • Adds the data_trunc() function. #6365
  • Adds the system catalog schema. #6227
  • Displays error messages when users enter conflicting or redundant command options. #5933


  • Adds support for the Maxwell Change Data Capture (CDC) format. #6057
  • Protobuf schema files can be loaded from Web locations in s3://, http://, or https:// formats. #6114 #5964
  • Adds support for Confluent Schema Registry for Kafka data in Avro and Protobuf formats. #6289
  • Adds two options to the Kinesis connector. Users can specify the startup mode and optionally the sequence number to start with. #6317



This version was released on October 17, 2022.

Main changes

SQL features

  • SQL commands:

    • Improves the formatting of response messages of EXPLAIN statements. #5541
  • SQL functions:

    • to_char() now supports specifying output format in lowercase. #5032

      `to_char(timestamp '2006-01-02 15:04:05', 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss')` → `2006-01-02 15:04:05`
    • generate_series now supports negative steps. #5231

      SELECT * FROM generate_series(5,1,-2);
      (3 rows)
    • Adds support for sum/min/max functions over interval-type data. #5105, #5549

    • Adds support for array concatenation. #5060, #5345

    • Adds support for specifying empty arrays. #5402

    • Casting from array to varchar is now supported. #5081

      `array[1,2]::varchar` → `{1,2}`
    • Casting from varchar to integer allows leading and trailing spaces. #5452

      `' 1 '::int` → `1`
  • Adds new system catalog and psql meta-commands. #5127, #5742

    • \d: Lists all relations in the current database. (Materialized) sources are not supported yet.
    • \dt: Lists all tables in the current database.
    • \dm: Lists all materialized views in the current database.
    • \di: Lists all indexes in the current database.
    • pg_catalog.pg_index: Contains information about indexes.


  • Nested columns are now supported for the datagen connector. #5550



This version was released on September 7, 2022.

Main changes

SQL features

  • SQL commands:
    • EXPLAIN now supports specifying options. Supported options: trace, verbose, and type. Unlike PostgreSQL, each option should be separated by a comma and wrapped by parentheses as a whole. #4730
    • Adds support for ALTER USER. #4261
    • CREATE/ALTER USER now has new options CREATEUSER and NOCREATEUSER, which specify whether or not the user has the privilege to create, alter, or drop other users. #4447
    • Adds support for EXPLAIN CREATE SINK. #4430
  • SQL functions:
    • Adds support for new system information functions: current_schema, current_schema(), and session_user. #4358
  • The pg_namespace catalog now has a new namespace column nspacl for storing access privileges. #4326


  • Some connector parameters were renamed. The old parameter names are still functional but may be deprecated in the future. #4503

    • Kafka & Redpanda

      • kafka.brokers -> properties.bootstrap.server
      • kafka.topic -> topic
      • kafka.scan.startup.mode -> scan.starup.mode
      • kafka.time.offset -> scan.startup.timestamp_millis
      • ->
    • Kinesis

      • -> stream
      • -> aws.region
      • kinesis.endpoint -> endpoint
      • kinesis.credentials.access -> aws.credentials.access_key_id
      • kinesis.credentials.secret -> aws.credentials.secret_access_key
      • kinesis.credentials.session_token -> aws.credentials.session_token
      • kinesis.assumerole.arn -> aws.credentials.role.arn
      • kinesis.assumerole.external_id -> aws.credentials.role.external_id
    • Pulsar

      • pulsar.topic -> topic
      • pulsar.admin.url -> admin.url
      • pulsar.service.url -> service.url
      • pulsar.scan.startup.mode -> scan.startup.mode
      • pulsar.time.offset -> scan.startup.timestamp_millis
  • The row format name, debezium json, for CDC stream sources, has been renamed to debezium_json. #4494

Configuration changes

  • The default batch query execution mode was changed from distributed to local. #4789


  • Run this version from Docker: docker run -it --pull=always -p 4566:4566 -p 5691:5691 playground
  • Prebuilt library for Linux is not available in this release.
  • Source code (zip)
  • Source code (tar.gz)


This version was released on July 29, 2022.

Main changes

SQL features

  • New SQL functions:
    • overlay(): Replaces a substring. #3671
    • generate_series(): Generates a series of values from the starting point to the ending point. #4030
    • regexp_match(), regexp_matches(): Compares a string against a regular expression pattern and returns matched substrings. #3702 #4062
    • string_agg (): Concatenates the values into a string. #3952 #4183
    • current_database(): Returns the current database. #3650
  • New SQL commands:
    • SHOW ALL: Lists all configuration parameters. Use SHOW parameter to show the value of a configuration parameter. #3694 #3664
    • CREATE SINK: Sinks data to Kafka. #3923 #3682 #3674
    • EXPLAIN TRACE: Traces each optimization stage of the optimizer. #3945
  • Support for lookup joins. Currently, lookup joins can only be performed in local query mode. To use lookup joins, users need to set the configuration parameter rw_batch_enable_lookup_join to true. #3859 #3763
  • An ORDER BY clause in the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement is allowed but not considered as part of the definition of the materialized view. It is only used in the initial creation of the materialized view. It is not used during refreshes. This is a behavior change due to the introduction of parallel table scans. #3670
  • Support for filter clauses on aggregate functions. #4114


  • RisingWave can now sink data to Kafka topics in append-only mode and Debezium mode. #3923 #3682 #3674
  • Syntax change for CREATE SOURCE: A parameter name is no longer wrapped by single quotation marks. #3997. See the example:
    • Old: CREATE SOURCE s1 WITH ( 'connector' = 'kafka', 'kafka.topic' = 'kafka_1_partition_topic', 'kafka.brokers' = '' ) ROW FORMAT json;
    • New: CREATE SOURCE s WITH ( connector = 'kafka', kafka.topic = 'kafka_1_partition_topic', kafka.brokers = '' ) ROW FORMAT json;



This version was released on July 5, 2022.

Main changes

SQL features

SQL operators and functions
  • Support string concatenation operator ||. #3147
  • Support interval comparison. #3222
  • Support dividing intervals by integers, floats, or decimals. #3441
  • Intervals multiplying intervals by floats. #3641
  • Support more temporal operations. #3472
  • Support Common Table Expressions (CTEs) as input of time window functions. #3188
  • Add these new functions:
    • concat() for concatenating strings #3091
    • repeat() for repeating string #3148
    • octet_length() and bit_length() for getting string length #3526
    • Row() for constructing rows #2914 #3152
    • pg_typeof() for getting data types of values #3494
    • current_database() for getting the name of the current database in the session #3650
    • approx_count_distinct() for distinct counting #3121
    • unnest() for expanding nested tables to rows #3017
  • Support count(), min(), and max() functions on these data types: interval, timestamp, varchar, and date. #3069
SQL commands
  • Support EXPLAIN CREATE INDEX. #3229
  • Add cascade and restrict options in REVOKE commands. #3363
  • Expand the CREATE TABLE syntax to support creating append-only tables. #3058
  • Support the CREATE USER command and user authentication. #3074
Data types
  • Support implicit casts from single-quoted literals. #3487
  • Add string as an alias for data type varchar. #3094
  • Support string intervals. #3037
Database management
  • Add the default super user “postgres”. #3127
  • The default schema name is changed to “public” from “dev”. #3166


  • Add random seed for the Datagen Source Connector. #3124


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