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Use the DROP INDEX command to remove an index from a table or a materialized view.


DROP INDEX [ IF EXISTS ] [ schema_name.]index_name;


IF EXISTS clauseDo not return an error if the specified index does not exist.
schema_nameThe schema of the index that you want to remove.
You can use SHOW SCHEMAS to get a list of all available schemas. If you don't specify a schema, the specified index in the default schema public will be removed.
index_nameThe name of the index to remove.
You can use DESCRIBE to show the indexes of a table.


This statement removes the id_index index from the taxi_trips table in the default schema (public):

DROP INDEX id_index;

This statement removes the ad_id_index index from the ad_ctr_5min materialized view in the rw_schema schema:

DROP INDEX rw_schema.id_index;

See also

CREATE INDEX — Construct an index on a table or a materialized view to speed up queries.

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