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Ingest data from MongoDB CDC

This topic walks you through the steps to ingest change streams from MongoDB to RisingWave.

For ingesting CDC data from MongoDB to RisingWave, you'll need to use the Debezium connector for MongoDB to convert change streams from MongoDB to Kafka topics first, and then ingest these Kafka topics into RisingWave.

Ingest data from MongoDB CDC to RisingWave

Overview of the steps

  1. Configure MongoDB

  2. Deploy the Debezium connector for MongoDB

  3. Ingest data into RisingWave

Configure MongoDB

First, you need to ensure MongoDB is installed and properly configured.

Note that the Debezium connector for MongoDB uses MongoDB’s change streams to capture the changes, so the connector works only with MongoDB replica sets or with sharded clusters where each shard is a separate replica set.

To learn about how to set up a replica set or sharded cluster, see the MongoDB documentation.

You must also have a MongoDB user with the appropriate permissions, and perform other configurations. Follow the instructions in the Setting up MongoDB section to complete the configurations in MongoDB.

Deploy the Debezium connector for MongoDB

To deploy a Debezium MongoDB connector, you install the Debezium MongoDB connector archive, configure the connector, and start the connector by adding its configuration to Kafka Connect.

When the connector is started, Debezium will create a CDC topic in Kafka and publish captured events to this topic.

For the complete deployment instructions, see Deployment.

MongoDB connector configuration example

Here is a connector configuration example.

"name": "mongodb-connector",
"config": {
"connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.mongodb.MongoDbConnector",
"tasks.max": "1",
"mongodb.hosts": "<mongodb host>:27017",
"": "dbserver1",
"database.history.kafka.bootstrap.servers": "<message queue host>:29092"

<mongodb host>:27017 refers to a comma-separated list of hostname and port pairs (in the form 'host' or 'host:port') of the MongoDB servers in the replica set.

<message queue host>:29092 refers to the bootstrap servers for the Kafka cluster that will store the database schema history topic.

Ingest data into RisingWave

To ensure all data changes are captured, you must create a table and specify primary keys in RisingWave. When creating a table, specify the connector as kafka, and use DEBEZIUM_MONGO as the format and JSON as the encoding option.

For details about the syntax and the parameters, see CREATE TABLE.

CREATE TABLE source_name (
_id jsonb PRIMARY KEY
payload jsonb
scan.startup.mode = 'earliest'

After the table is created, you can view and transform the data based on your needs.

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