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Sink data from RisingWave to CockroachDB

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database system developed by Cockroach Labs that is designed for scalability and resilience. Since CockroachDB is compatible with PostgreSQL, you can sink data from RisingWave to CockroachDB using the JDBC sink connector.

You can test out this process on your own device by using the cockroach-sink demo in the integration_test directory of the RisingWave repository.


  • Ensure you already have a CockroachDB table that you can access and sink data to. For additional guidance on setting up CockroachDB, refer to this quick start guide.

  • Ensure you have an upstream materialized view or source that you can sink data from.

  • If you are running RisingWave locally from binaries and intend to use the native CDC source connectors or the JDBC sink connector, make sure you have JDK 11 or a later version installed in your environment.

Syntax and Parameters

Since CockroachDB is PostgreSQL-compatible, the syntax and parameters are the same as creating a PostgreSQL sink. For the syntax and parameters, see Create a sink.


Assume that we have a materialized view, mv1, and we want to sink data from mv1 to a table in CockroachDB called target_count. The following SQL query achieves this by creating a sink in RisingWave called sink1.

FROM mv1
connector = 'jdbc',
jdbc.url = 'jdbc:postgresql://cockroachdb:26257/defaultdb?user=root', = 'target_count',
type = 'upsert',
primary_key = 'target_id'

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