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Ingest data from Citus CDC

RisingWave supports ingesting change data capture (CDC) data from Citus database. Version 10.2 of Citus is supported.

Citus database is an extension to PostgreSQL that transforms PostgreSQL into a distributed database. For more details, see Citus data.

Beta Feature

Ingesting CDC data from Citus database is currently in Beta. Please contact us if you encounter any issues or have feedback.

Set up Citus

  1. Create a superuser role in the Citus cluster.

    ---create role on coordinator node
    CREATE ROLE dbz Superuser LOGIN;

    ---create role on worker nodes
    SELECT run_command_on_workers ($cmd$
    CREATE ROLE dbz Superuser LOGIN;
  2. Ensure that wal_level is logical on each worker node by modifying postgresql.conf.

  3. Set the replica identity to FULL for the table you want to ingest data from.

    ---execute on coordinator node


There are a few limitations when ingesting CDC data from Citus in RisingWave.

  • A PostgreSQL superuser role is required.
  • Only distributed tables are supported.
  • Newly added worker nodes are not detected.

Notes about running RisingWave from binaries

If you are running RisingWave locally from binaries and intend to use the native CDC source connectors or the JDBC sink connector, make sure that you have JDK 11 or later versions installed in your environment.

Create a table in RisingWave using the native CDC connector


Note that a primary key must be specified.

CREATE TABLE [ IF NOT EXISTS ] source_name (
column_name data_type PRIMARY KEY , ...
[PRIMARY KEY ( column_name, ... )]
connector_parameter='value', ...

Connector parameters

Unless specified otherwise, the fields listed are required. Note that the value of these parameters should be enclosed in single quotation marks.

hostnameHostname of the coordinator node.
portPort number of the coordinator node.
usernameUsername of the database.
passwordPassword of the database.
database.serversThe host and port of Citus worker nodes.
database.nameName of the database.
schema.nameOptional. Name of the schema. By default, the value is public.
table.nameName of the table that you want to ingest data from.
slot.nameOptional. The slot name for each source. Each source should have a unique slot name.


CREATE TABLE github_events_rw (
event_id bigint,
event_type text,
event_public boolean,
repo_id bigint,
payload jsonb,
repo jsonb,
user_id bigint,
org jsonb,
created_at timestamp,
PRIMARY KEY (event_id, user_id)
) WITH (
connector = 'citus-cdc',
hostname = '',
port = '5432',
username = 'dbz',
password = '123456',
database.servers = ',', = 'postgres', = 'public', = 'github_events', = 'github_events_dbz_slot1',

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