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Ingest data from Supabase CDC

Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative. It uses PostgreSQL as the underlying storage system and therefore can be integrated with RisingWave seamlessly.

You can ingest data from Supabase into RisingWave. For more details on this integration, we have an end-to-end demo to showcase how Supabase seamlessly integrates with RisingWave.

Set up Supabase

Create a Supabase project and a source table. Enable real-time when creating the table to allow RisingWave to ingest CDC data.

Ingest CDC data into RisingWave

Since every Supabase project is a dedicated PostgreSQL database, use the PostgreSQL source connector to ingest CDC data from RisingWave. For the syntax, parameters, and examples, see Ingest data from PostgreSQL CDC.

To start ingesting data from Supabase, a connection with the database must be established first by using the CREATE SOURCE command.

CREATE SOURCE supabase_pgdb WITH (
connector = 'postgres-cdc',
hostname = '',
port = '8306',
username = 'root',
password = '123456', = 'mydb', = 'mydb_slot', = 'rw_publication'

To ingest data from a specific table, use the CREATE TABLE command. A primary key must be defined.

v1 integer primary key,
v2 timestamp with time zone
) FROM supabase_pgdb TABLE 'public.tt3';

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