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Beta feature

The SET BACKGROUND_DDL command is currently in Beta. Please contact us if you encounter any issues or have feedback.

Use the SET BACKGROUND_DDL command to run Data Definition Language (DDL) operations, such as creating materialized views in the background.


SET BACKGROUND_DDL = { true | false };
  • By default, BACKGROUND_DDL is set as false to disable it, meaning that DDL operations will execute in the foreground. The commands CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW ON TABLE, CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW ON MATERIALIZED VIEW, CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW ON SOURCE and CREATE SINK will only be executed once the backfilling process is completed.

  • When BACKGROUND_DDL is set to true, any subsequent DDL operations will be executed in the background, allowing you to proceed with other tasks.

Supported DDL operations


For materialized views being created in the background, their table definitions persist while they are being created, even if errors occur during checkpointing. This allows the materialized view jobs to be recovered from where they left off before the failure. Their table definitions and fragments will only be dropped if the job is canceled.

For materialized views being created in the foreground, their table and fragments will be cleaned up if checkpointing fails, if the cluster is restarted, or if the stream job is canceled.

The key difference is during the creating phase of a materialized view. After a materialized view is created (i.e. backfilling has completed), both foreground and background materialized views are functionally the same.

Background management

Monitor progress

You can monitor the progress of background DDL operations using the SHOW JOBS command.

Cancel jobs

Running jobs in the background can be canceled using the CANCEL JOBS command followed by the job ID.

Set concurrent jobs

The maximum number of concurrent creating streaming jobs can be adjusted using the ALTER SYSTEM SET max_concurrent_creating_streaming_jobs command.

For example, you can set the maximum concurrent creating streaming jobs to 4:

ALTER SYSTEM SET max_concurrent_creating_streaming_jobs TO 4;


CREATE TABLE t (v1 int);

INSERT INTO t SELECT * FROM generate_series(1, 1000000);


-- The "CREATE_MATERIALIZED_VIEW" response will be returned immediately.

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